T' I' M 'E 'S' L' O 'W
A- Film- by -SALLY -TRAN

Shot 14: Flowers for Amelia

Equirectangular Panoramas & Interactive VR Spherical Panoramas by michael@bajko.net 2011
It was great working with you all, thanks for the experience.

To download a photo, right click and click 'save image as' and it's yours!

These photos are 800x400 pixels on the screen, the actual file photos are 2000x1000 pixels.
You could take the files into most Copy Centers to get A3, even A2, colour laser prints, just the size for Panoramas.
To download interactive panos save the page; Browser-fiile-save as.
You actually get everything that way!

  • SHOTZ- 11 & 14
  • SHOTZ- 7 & 3
  • SHOT 28

These are full 360 degree, interactive, sperical panoramas.
*Put your mouse pointer in the image.
*Click, hold down, and move around.
- up, down, left, right, diagonaly, all around!
*Use the shift and ctrl keys to zoom in and out.
*Click on the Button in the Image and you will have
a FullScreen interactive experience!

haere ki runga